Nutraceutical Corporation


As the Director of International Sales and Marketing for Nutraceutical Corporation I directed extensive marketing research initiatives to thoroughly understand individual international markets and applied the results to determine which markets would be the most favorable for penetration. I also identified new markets and new products that fit the demographic models discovered in marketing research. Additionally, I developed marketing strategies and materials for existing markets based on market research and customer interactions/feedback.

With my team I generated innovative marketing strategies to penetrate previously unidentified segments of the market and increased market share. At Nutraceutical Corporation, I managed more than $5 million annually for international markets with extensive focus on the MENA region. Administering product localization initiatives (custom labels/formulations, marketing materials, government registrations, etc.) in order to comply with local market regulations and consumer trends was a big part of the job. At the same time, I developed and launched 27 new custom products to satisfy unmet market demands. Likewise, I directed international distributors' efforts in developing sales and marketing strategies.

Furthermore, I recommended international market development strategies; identified and developed new sales channels; supervised account management activities (including but not limited to resolving customer service issues, coordinating international shipments, managing collections activities, and addressing technical/educational issues.)