Mohammad Thneibat

Ahmad excels in management, sales, and marketing. I would like to recommend him for his pursuits in these areas. I am confident he would make a very beneficial addition to the any organization. One day, I predict that Ahmad will become one of our nation's leaders and will make a positive impact on our community.

Dr. Mohammad Thneibat, Minister of Education, Jordan

Gary Kennedy

Ahmad has a unique combination of technical, sales, and marketing skills. Very few people are able to bring together their skills in a way that sees a problem from all three perspectives as Ahmad does.

Gary Kennedy, Founder and CEO of Remedy Informatics, and former President of Oracle, USA

Barbie Willett

Ahmad is wonderful to work with. As a faculty member in the Marketing Management program at Salt Lake Community College, Ahmad has excelled at many tasks and projects: Collegiate DECA Advisor, Event Marketing coordinator, fundraising, community service, faculty search committee member, curriculum development, and online course development. In addition, Ahmad is one of 4 faculty selected to work on a Carnegie Grant to develop an Intro to Marketing course utilizing open-source materials. We are very fortunate that Ahmad has joined our team at the SLCC School of Business.

Barbie Willett, Associate Dean of Management, Marketing, & Legal Studies at Salt Lake Community College

Erland Peterson

Ahmad's international background makes him a great asset. With his knowledge he will bring in new ideas and creative skills that will be greatly usable. He will introduce thoughts and views that many students would have never thought of. Also, his people and communication skills will contribute greatly. He is very ambitious and knows well how to deal with people in any situation. his responsibility and persistence get the job done.

Dr. Erland Peterson, Associate International Vice President, BYU

Suzi Montgomery

I can’t say I know anyone more professional than Ahmad Kareh; he is extremely prepared, knowledgeable, patient, responsible, centered and competent. It is nice to work with someone that you know will not only be there, on-time and ready to deliver, but will read the environment and adapt accordingly. Nothing seems to shake Ahmad and therefore he lends a consistency to an ever-fluctuating environment, which I find invaluable in a colleague. Furthermore, he holds himself to a very high standard, working well independently, while being one of the best collaborators, a rare combination in my experience and a trait that truly sets him apart.

I feel very fortunate to have Ahmad Kareh on our team and I am without a doubt confident in his abilities as a teacher and compassionate mentor. His highly cultivated skillset, coupled with a sincere and kind disposition and willingness to experiment and meet his students where they are. This sets him apart and makes him one of the best teachers I have worked with.

Suzi Montgomery, Program Director at Spy Hope Institute for Teachers (SHIFT)

Kathleen Curry Griffin

Ahmad is very knowledgeable, credible and enthusiastic. He manages the classroom very well and encourages a high level of participation. What I find most impressive about Ahmad is his ability to cater to a wide variety of skill-sets through well-orchestrated group work, assignments and balanced lectures. I know that each student who enters Ahmad’s classroom will receive great value, and I feel fortunate to have him on our team.

Ahmad is very well connected and respected in our community, he came highly recommended to us by the Adobe Youth Voices program director years ago. It is very easy to get along with Ahmad, he is very approachable and willing to step up where needed. He is a true team player and is eager to help those around him. He is one of our best instructors and we look forward to working with him as we continue to grow our program.

Kathleen Curry Griffin, Community Education Manager at Salt Lake City School District

Melissa Montgomery

Ahmad is a driven, insightful educator who has a keen sense of market trends and a nose for opportunities. His ability to outline, implement and provide relevant expertise as a consultant is impressive. His experience with online course development benefits students and institutional programming goals. He is pleasure to work with and drives hard to achieve his objectives. He is a significant contributor to the College, and we were better for having him.

Director of Development at Columbia College

Darrin Bartunek

I have known Ahmad for over three years now. In that time I have found Ahmad to be honest and genuine in his personal and professional relationships. Ahmad has a brilliant marketing mind. He currently owns and opporates a successful marketing firm and does great work. In the classroom, Ahmad has been amazing in tying in real-world material to classroom learning. Once he and his class created a marketing video that was both creative and informative and provided for a great learning experience. I highly recommend Ahmad in anything he pursues. His talent is truly unparralled.

Darrin Bartunek, Assistant Campus Director at Columbia College

Kristy Thompson

Ahmad is a very capable faculty member, teaching courses in Business and Communications. He has very high standards of ethics and performance and tries to instill that in his students, mentoring them to be professionals

Dean at Provo College

Michael De Haan

I have recently been awarded a prestigious position at Struck as a Design Director / Creative Lead. Its my dream job and my reason for pursuing an education at SLCC. I’m also nearing the finish line of opening my own independent film theater in the downtown area of SLC. The doors should be open by the end of Spring 2016. If you’re ever in the area around that time look for The Archive Theater on Main St. near City Creek and you’ll get VIP treatment anytime :).

Without your guidance and influence I truly believe that I would not have been successful in these endeavors. You’re a genuine asset to SLCC and your students are lucky to be in your classroom. Your classes truly helped me a better presenter and assisted me in selling myself with confidence. I appreciate you pushing passed my comfort zone in working so closely with a team to accomplish one goal. You taught me many things about marketing that I’ll always keep in my back pocket.

I truly appreciate all of your help while I was at SLCC. It was a pleasure and an honor to be in your classrooms.

Michael De Haan, Former SLCC Student, Design Director at Struck

Donna Wyatt

Wow!!!! This is really fabulous Ahmad. I've taken on-line courses before but none of them was as well structured as yours. I think what you've done here is very thorough and provides clear information about the course and your expectations. I really can't see anything missing that I would want to see if I were a learner in your class.

Donna Wyatt, Professor at UC Berkeley

Trevor Kunz

I just wanted to thank you for a great class last semester. I learned a lot! I entered the class unsure of what sector of business I wanted to major in, but I left pretty excited about marketing.

I just started a marketing internship with the BYU soccer franchise (they actually own a franchise in the PDL, the minor league 2 levels below Real Salt Lake). It is pretty cool to apply principles I learned from your class in the real world. It is a really cool internship, because the club has a new coach and we are helping him re-brand the club's image. If we do a good job our work may be the foundation for the club's brand for years to come!

Thanks again for such a great class, I was a little disappointed that I didn't get another semester at SLCC to take your digital marketing class.

Trevor Kunz, Marketing 1030 Student